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SPARK IS an evening of music & comedy & seriousness launched by Shannon Manning in which she invites a few people she loves to perform and they each invite and introduce someone else they love. Special and wonderful and sometimes surprise guests to be announced. Or not announced, thus keeping it a surprise.

Past performers: Mike Daisey, Peter Aguero, Adam Wade, Fred Thomas, Hamish Kilgour (the Clean), Jamie Kilstein, Carolyn Castiglia, Chris Mills, Adam Newman, Josh Sharp, Matt Dennie, Louie Pearlman, Meg Griffiths Anderson, Tom Purcell (Colbert), Reni Lane, Vinny DePonto, Myka Fox, Alex Nahas, Jeremy Ladd, Nate Heller, Kelly Irene Corson, Griffin Newman, Max Rosenthal, Cara Reedy, SOAP, Brad Aldous, TJ Mannix, Matt Dennie.


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